Iranian Media Expert; “Disappointing People from Comming Elections is the Main Focus of Foreign Media.”

Alborzi expressed that questioning the validity of the elections is the most important focus of foreign media; “These media try to induce that the elections can’t affect the country's process.”

4/5/2021 12:37:00 PM

Radio Goftogoo's "Without Scrawl" program had a phone call interview with Dr. Hadi Alborzi, Iranian political and media expert, and discussed the issue of monitoring enemy media activities in the upcoming elections.

Alborzi explained that questioning the elections and disappointing people of its importance is the main focus of foreign media; “These media are directly trying to induce that the elections have no influences on our country's process and it doesn’t matter who will be elected as the president.”

He called the production of disappointing news another tactic of foreign media and said: “With three months left to the election, disappointing people is the most important strategy of the enemy media, especially the Persian language media, and in this regard, the volume of their disappointing news has sharply increased.”

The political and media expert reported on the efforts of foreign media to discredit the Islamic Republic’s services; “These media usually raise a dichotomy of participation or non-participation in the elections in different formats. They try to put the holding of elections under questions through creating fake campaigns and other tactics.”

He mentioned that all the programs produced in the foreign media over these months is related to the elections; “Over the remaining time (to the Elections), they focus on affecting the national participation in the elections. In this regard, they raise statements such as boycotting the elections.”

“One of the focuses of foreign media is the electoral engineering. These media outlets intend to underestimate the effectiveness of the elections in the future of our country, and accordingly they question the candidates,” added Alborzi.

Noting that the elections process takes about two months in Iran, this political expert said: “These media outlets try to affect the participation in the elections as much as they can, and if they can’t figure out the boycott of the election, they’ll try to reduce the number of voters.”

He continued; “In order to affect the elections, foreign media impeach the activities of (our political) system and its apparatus so that they can extract an electoral view out of all issues and thus affect the national participation in the elections in a negative way.”

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