Former Iranian Cultural Adviser in Pakistan; “Nowruz Is Celebrated in Pakistan Based on Iranian-Islamic Culture.”

Mohammad Saeed Mo’azaddin said; “About 25% of Pakistan’s population are followers of Ahl ul-Bayt and are thus more inclined to maintain Islamic-Iranian culture and civilization.”

4/2/2021 10:57:00 AM

Radio Goftogoo’s "In the Shadow of Nowruz" program had a phone call interview with Mohammad Saeed Mo’azaddin, top Iranian expert on international, cultural relations and former Iranian cultural advisor in Pakistan.

Referring to the ancient celebration of Nowruz, Mohammad Saeed Mo’azeddin said; “Nowruz includes the ancient culture and rituals of pre-Islamic period, while with the approval of Islam and emphasis on Nowruz as an advocator of affection, this event acquired a spiritual color.”

He emphasized; “Nowruz in Iran can be a common turning point of cultures. Nowruz brings harmony, empathy, solidarity, interaction and dialogue of cultures and emphasis on cultural convergence and avoiding divergence. Kindness and peaceful coexistence is the desire of all human beings.”

This cultural expert stated that all components of Nowruz can be considered a common cultural and devotional ritual in the nature; “apart from the relationship of human beings with each other, regarding ecosystem issue, reconciliation with nature is manifested which is recommended to all tribes and Nations and religions. Respecting nature is even considered an act of worship in many cultures.”
Referring to the fact that Nowruz in Pakistan is called "Spring Festival", he said; “Nowruz spirit over shadows the rich and the poor and runs in the body of the society and makes everyone happy and delightful.”

Mo’azeddin pointed out the way Nowruz is celebrated in Pakistan; “Pakistan is influenced by Iranian culture and civilization and they share many cultural, civilizational and historical commonalities with us. In Pakistan Nowruz has been held since ancient times. We cannot separate Pakistan's past from the Indian subcontinent. This ceremony has been held since the Ghaznavid period and they emphasized on this event and held different ceremonies which were to some extent different in terms of time and the society’s requirements, but the same spirit runs in all of them.”

Pointing out that the rose flower is a symbol of spring’s advent and greenery in Pakistan, he said; “Nowruz marks the arrival of rose flowering season, and on Nowruz the rose petals is poured into cups of water so that their fragrance and freshness would last longer. Some used to sprinkle this water in the four corners of their house, and believed it brings them blessings and felicity.”

Mo’azzadin named the commonalities of Nowruz traditions in Iran and Pakistan; “Pakistanis clean their houses and living environment. They also buy new clothes just like the Iranians do.”

“Nowruz is somehow differently celebrated in the subcontinent. These differences result from climatic, geographical, ethnic and customs conditions. For example, in Lahore, a spring festival is held and balloons are sent into the air. Even tourists come to Lahore for this ceremony. People prepare local and home-made food and sweets in their homes, and on these days, public happiness pervades everyone” said Mo’azzadin.

"Pakistan’s population is near 210 million about 25 percent of which are the followers of the Ahl ul-Bayt, and they are more inclined to observe Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization. They hold many rituals in the Iranian style, even the Haft-Sin table is set there and people read the special prayer recited at the very starting moment of the year, thus keeping the divine nature of this celebration in mind”, said Mo’azzadin.

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