Terms and Conditions Set by Saudi Arabia Hinder the Improvement of Tehran-Riyadh Relations.

“Farzan Shahidi”, the Iranian expert on West Asia affairs stressed that due to the preconditions set by Saudi Arabia, improve of relations between this country and Iran can’t be expected.

4/6/2021 3:37:00 PM

In an interview with "Rouydad" program, Shahidi explained about Saudis’ opinion in reviving relations with Iran; “From time to time, the Saudis take positions that indicates their inclination for improving relations with Iran.”

He described that this inclination is accompanied by some preconditions set by Saudi Arabia and said; “Americans have repeatedly stressed on the need for Iran's change of behavior, and the Saudis are repeating the same thing.

“The Saudi minister iterated these words two months ago, and after the martyrdom of General Soleimani, Mr. Zarif also announced that he received a message from the Saudis that contained the same message,” added Shahidi.

He then pointed to Zarif's positive response to this issue, stating that he was always ready to improve relations with Saudi Arabia; “[Apparently] there has been no response from them.”

In another part of the interview with Goftogo Radio, Shahidi emphasized that it is interesting that Saudi Arabia sets specific terms for improving relations with Tehran, while the Islamic Republic has repeatedly declared that there should be no preconditions.

The Iranian regional analyst said that Iran has always sought to improve relations in the region and provide greater stability and security; “Saudi Arabia's call for improving relations is not a new request.”

Referring to the Saudis' defeat in Yemen, as well as Saudi Arabia's political and reputational defeats, Shahidi noted; “Biden’s government is also putting lots of pressure on Riyadh to end the Yemeni war, and therefore the Saudis see themselves in need of Iran to reduce their problems in Yemen.”

“Saudi statesmen are thinking of a way to get out of Yemen’s swamp and in their imagination, they seek to escape the whirl with dignity,” continued Shahidi.

Shahidi pointed out Al-Kazemi's recent visit to Riyadh and noted that some observers mention that this visit may be somehow connected with Tehran-Riyadh relations, and this issue was probably raised during his visit.

“The Iraqis have already announced that they are ready to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh, and it is not unlikely that this issue was raised during Al-Kazemi's meeting with Saudi officials, and that Saudi Arabia also brought up this topic,” added Shahidi.

Shahidi further stressed that Iran officially sees its hand open for conducting and improving relations; especially with countries with which we are currently in tension, and we have repeatedly stated that there is no need for the mediation of another state (for improving our relations with those countries).

He reminded; “Considering Iran's positive opinion on bilateral relations, as well as the elimination of preconditions set by the Saudis, we will be able to discuss bilateral relations with the other side without any mediation.”

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