Professor of International Studies and Political Science at Allameh Tabatabai University; “Biden Seeks to Gain More Concessions from Iran.”

Criticizing the signals given by Hassan Rouhani's government to Biden regarding the return to the Joint (JCPOA), “Ajili” said; “The United States knows that Iran’s current government needs the JCPOA to win the upcoming elections.”

4/7/2021 1:33:00 PM

Radio Goftogoo's "Political Dialogue" aired an interview with Dr. Hadi Ajili, professor of international studies and political science at Allameh Tabatabai University, and discussed Iran's conditions towards US anti-JCPOA conduct.

Hadi Ajili stated that when a buyer hurries to buy something, the seller raises the price; “Biden came to this conclusion that Iran’s current government is in a hurry to revive the nuclear deal. American authorities know well that due to two reasons, Iran’s current government is in haste (for reviving the JCPOA): Mr. Rouhani and his government attempt to leave a good resume, and we all know that the 11th and 12th governments have nothing to offer as their resume except the JCPOA.”

He reminded that Mr. Rouhani's administration used to blame Trump and his withdrawal from the nuclear deal for not achieving the interests of the JCPOA; “It’s now more than two months that Trump left the White House, and Biden, who was previously serving in Obama’s administration, is now in power. If Rouhani’s government fail to implement the JCPOA during Biden's presidency, we should say that over the past eight years they were in power, they failed to make any kind of progress, and as a result, our people see no reason to vote for Iran’s current government (and their discourse) again.”

Ajili then condemned Iran government's haste to return to the JCPOA and said: "Unfortunately, the US government realized this (haste). Of course, our country’s supreme leader has twice signaled that there’s no urgency (for returning to the JCPOA), and we informed Biden’s administration that if you’re not in a hurry, we’re not in a hurry either.

He blamed recent conduct of American authorities on the hasty behavior of Iran’s current government and noted; “Although it was the US that withdrew from the JCPOA, the Americans now speak as a creditor and mentions that Since Iran is now under pressure, you should take the first step and return to your commitments under the deal. While Biden hasn’t yet taken the oath of presidency, our president, our secretary of state and some of the country's officials were constantly signaling that we are ready to return to the conditions of 2017 with a mere order.”

Ajili emphasized on the unsoundness of the signals delivered by Iranian officials to Biden regarding the US return to the JCPOA and said; “These signals led to the conclusion that Iran is under pressure and time is against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Of course Biden and the American statesmen know that Iran’s current government seeks to make a progress regarding the JCPOA in order to win the upcoming elections. As the days pass, this urgency intensifies for the current government and they struggle more to make some progress in this ground.

Professor of international studies and political science at Allameh Tabatabai University continued; “Under such circumstances, the United States send signals that they’re not in a hurry, and thus they try to gain more concessions from current government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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