Iranian International Affairs Expert: Iran-China Agreement Reduces our Country's Need for FATF.

Izadi stated that Iran-China agreement reduces our country's need for FATF; “Through the establishment of Iranian and Chinese banks, Iran’s concerns for global banking relations (and the limitations caused by it ) will be reduced.

4/6/2021 12:53:00 PM

Radio Goftogoo's "Rouydad" program had a phone call interview with Fo’ad Izadi, the Iranian international affairs expert and university professor, about making a link between the implementation of Iran-China agreement and implementing FATF.

Referring to the strategic document between Iran and China, Fo’ad Izadi said; "When this issue was raised in the political space, those with other concerns tried to use this agreement to explain and confirm their previous statements, and we could see their efforts to connect FATF with the 25-year Iran-China agreement. Of course, this is true of all issues, and not just for a specific range.

This international affairs expert stressed that the issue of the Iran-China strategic agreement is related to FATF; “Of course, the connection between Iran-China agreement and FATF isn’t as great as some try to portray.”

He stated that Iran-China strategic agreement reduces our country's need for FATF; “in this document and outside it, the establishment of an Iranian-Chinese bank is foreseen, and this bank will only manage Iran-China trade. This bank uses only the currencies of the two countries and has nothing to do with the dollar.

Stating that Iran-China agreement will meet the country's financial and banking needs, the Iranian university professor said; “The banking network in the world is under US influence, and this agreement will especially reduce banking restrictions and the limitations which were imposed on Iran by the international financial system.”

Izadi then stressed that this agreement between our country and China has advantages for this East Asian country (China) and said; “China has been designing and developing the digital yuan currency for some time, which is no longer defined under the world banks. Iran can help China for a broader development of digital yuan.”

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