Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Announced ; “Unveiling Medical and Radiotherapy Achievements on National Nuclear Technology Day.”

Behrouz Kamalwandi announced the unveiling of nuclear achievements on April 9, which marks the National Day of Nuclear Technology, and noted: "We have about 133 new achievements to unveil, some of which are very important."

4/8/2021 1:33:00 PM

On the National Day of Nuclear Technology and the beginning of the mechanical testing of IR9 generation centrifuges, Radio Goftogoo “Without Scrawl” program had a phone call interview with Behrouz Kamalvandi, the AEOI spokesman.

Explaining the importance of the IR9 centrifuge, Behrouz Kamalvandi stated; “This is the most recent native centrifuge that was manufactured in Iran. We upgraded the IR1 centrifuge, which had only 1 Separate Working Unit of enriched uranium (SWU) and developed it to the IR9 centrifuge with 50 SWUs. Between these two machines, we have 15 other types of centrifuges, including IR2, IR2M, IR4 and IR6.

"The IR9 is classified as a super-advanced machine," said Kamalwandi, "This centrifuge is a revolution in the country's nuclear enrichment process, and its mechanical testing will begin soon, and when we get to this stage, that is, we are more than half of the way through, and in fact theoretical calculations have been done and in practice, things are in progress. After performing various tests, gas will be injected into this centrifuge.”

The AEOI spokesman announced the unveiling of nuclear achievements on April 9, the National Day of Nuclear Technology, and said; “WE will unveil 133 achievements some of which are very important. 255 items were introduced as nuclear advanced achievements, of which 133 were audited to be unveiled.”

Referring to the native nuclear achievements and displaying some of them on the National Day of Nuclear Technology, Kamalwandi stated; “Four of these achievements are related to the field of medicine and radiopharmaceuticals, one of which is (Expect PC) which is to be installed in Tehran’s Children Hospital. This radiation detector is specifically used for children.”

"There are also a number of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals among the achievements. In this regard, a center will be opened in Arak. This is a radiation burns treatment hospital, previously we only had one such hospital in Bushehr, which was opened last year. This hospital will operate with a greater capacity,” added Kamalwandi.

The AEOI spokesman also explained about the domestic progress in the field of uranium enrichment and noted; “one third of those achievements which were previously mentioned is related to the field of uranium enrichment (machines and equipment) and through localizing these machines, we made a great progress. Moreover, advances were made in the fields of quantum and laser, and in this regard, the quantum center will be officially opened along with various laboratories.

He then referred to the JCPOA talks in Vienna and said; “The framework for the talks has been quite clear. These negotiations were not with the Americans, and during these talks, we seek to lift the sanctions, and that is basically the main point of these negotiations.”

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